Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Salient Victorious?

I hear good news might be on the way. A settlement has been reached and Salient is due for unadulterated release.

Sounds like a TKO for the little guys...

...But there still seems to be some shenanigans going on. The media arrived to film the glorious emancipation, but University authorities had mysteriously vanished and turned their phones off. It seems no one remaining at the university knows where the seized magazines are.

Victoria looks to be delaying the inevitable. Terri Schiavo died with more dignity. (Note, this comparison originally read more lyrically, and less correctly: "Terra Schwab died with more dignity." Ahem.)

UPDATE: And they're in. Salient delivered to overjoyed staff at 17:17, Wellington time.

And here's the statement issued in relation to the settlement:

Joint Statement by Vice-Chancellor and VOWS/Salient

Professor Pat Walsh, Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington ("prop. Walsh"), The Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association("VOWS") and the editorial staff of Salient newspaper("Salient") are pleased to record that the issues between them which led the Vice-Chancellor to obtain an injunction in relation to the publication of certain confidential information have now been resolved.

The parties have agreed that:

The confidential documents leaked to VOWS and Salient will forthwith be returned by VOWS/Salient to prof. Walsh and all copies destroyed;

The interim injunction obtained by prop. Walsh in relation to the publication of the Salient edition of 3 October may be discharged and costs will lie where they fall;

The 3 October edition of Salient may be distributed;

All parties look forward to continuation of positive working relationships.

Beyond this statement, none of the parties (prof. Walsh, VOWS and Salient) will be making any further comment to the media about the Court proceedings CHIP 2005 485 2038

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stef said...

Fucking hell. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I love the prestiege factor. These are kiwis who aren't rich and aren't really into that shit if they were.